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TOM MTF is a Multilateral Trading Facility domiciled in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. TOM, an acronym for "The Order Machine", is a trading venue that provides professional market participants such as banks, brokers, market makers and proprietary traders, access to high speed trading in equities and options. The MTF rolled out trading in Dutch shares in October 2010.

TOM MTF facilitates open orderbook trading in both cash equities and derivatives including Dutch, Belgian and French shares, a selection of ETFs, and derivative products. Orders are matched in the TOM orderbook according to price-time priority. TOM is powered by Nasdaq OMX technology, specifically the Genium INETTM trading platform, designed to support cross-border trading in multiple asset classes and markets.

European Multilateral Clearing Facility N.V. (EMCF) acts as the CCP clearing provider for the TOM MTF cash trading platform, while Holland Clearing House N.V. (HCH) acts as CCP clearing provider for the derivatives trading platform.