TWS Beta - 发行要点

New Mark Price Implied Volatility Calibration Method

We have recently switched to a more precise Mark Price IV calibration method that provides a better and more comprehensive volatility surface. This results in improved model price and Greeks in TWS especially for deep in-the-money or far out-of-the-money options. To see the applied IV skew curve in the Implied Volatility Viewer, use the Search field in the Mosaic New Window drop-down to find the tool.

Intuitive "Search" Shortcuts for Easy Navigation

With the new auto-complete "Search" fields included on menus, in the New Window drop-down, and in the right-click menu from any symbol in your Watchlist, Portfolio or trading page, now it’s easier than ever to access the tools and information you need within TWS. Avoid navigating through multiple layers of menus by simply typing what you need in the relevant search field and clicking the desired result to load the tool or window you need.

Click the Mosaic Account menu, and instead of navigating down to Activity and then to Activity Statements, simply start typing "Activity" in the Search box.

Search from a menu

Now go to your Watchlist or Portfolio and right-click an instrument. Instead of navigating down to Charts and then New Chart, just start typing "chart" in the Search box.

Search to Find Tools Quickly

When you click the New Window icon in Mosaic, your cursor opens in the new Search field. Simply enter a tool or feature name, like "options" or "Advanced Market Scanner". As you start to type, the list of tools updates to fit your search, based on both the title and the feature itself. For example, typing "options" will not only return "Option Chains" and "OptionTrader," but also "Implied Volatility Viewer" and more, all of which are option-centric tools. When you see the tool you want, simply click to open.

Search to Find Tools Quickly

For convenience, tools that you have recently opened appear at the top of the list in the “For You” section.

Search to Find Tools Quickly

Set TWS/IB Gateway to Auto Restart

Both TWS and the IB Gateway require daily restarts to refresh data. As a convenience, we now offer an auto-restart feature that will restart your application throughout the week and only require a manual restart and authentication once/week, each Sunday. TWS users will find this feature works most effectively with the TWS Offline version.

Please review these considerations before you enable the auto restart feature.

FA Managers: Performance Improvements

To help improve TWS performance especially for Advisors that manage a large number of accounts, we have streamlined the process for handling allocation orders. This new process will result in changes in both TWS and the API (when used with TWS version 974 or greater).


  • In the Trade Log, Advisors will (by default) see a summary of the allocated orders. They can expand the summary to see partial fills and allocations for that order.
  • When exporting FA allocation orders, only trades for the master account will be exported. Allocation details can be exported by selecting the individual account in the Trade Log first.
    • Note that commissions for allocation transfers can also be viewed when the individual account is selected in the Trade Log window.
  • When the Advisor selects "All" in the Trades window, that selection will show "All allocation order trades."
    • Note that models cannot be selected from this list. Selecting a group will show "Group-specific allocation order trades."
  • Advisors who trading using investment Models, selecting a group in the Portfolio window will show totals across accounts in the group, or totals for the "Independent" portion of acounts in the group. The Model breakdown is hidden for simplification.

For Advisor changes to certain API calls when using TWS version 974 or greater (reqPositions, reqPnl, reqPnLSingle, placeOrder, accountSummary, and accountUpdatesMulti), see the API guide.


An issue that resulted in OptionTrader being unable to find CNH options on HKFE has been fixed.

This latest beta release includes under-the-hood fixes to improve performance.