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Information For Educators

Information For Educators

How to Apply

Follow the steps below to open your account and then invite students to open their paper trading accounts.

To open your account

Complete and submit the online IBKR Student Trading Lab registration form (use the button below).

IB will send a personalized email invitation to you with instructions on how to open an account.

Once you have completed the process and received a confirmation email that your account is active, you can send invitations to your students to open their own paper accounts.

Account Expiration

Make a note of the date your account will expire so that you can archive your statements and other information before the account is closed.

To open student accounts

Log into Account Management from the LOG IN menu on our website to send invitations to your students to open a paper trading account.

Students who receive the electronic invitation should follow the instructions to complete the registration form.

Please emphasize to students that they must make note of their username and password during the registration process.


  • Accounts can be re-used in subsequent semesters without any delay.
  • All requests are processed on a timely basis. If you do not receive a confirmation email or the invitation within a week of submitting your request, check your email settings to ensure that you can receive emails from us. Click here to send us an email.


Your students will do their own trading, but you can also place trades when needed for any student account you supervise. You and your students can trade via different platforms, all of which can be accessed with your IB username and password.

Products and Features

You and your students can trade most US options, stocks, bonds, and Forex products.

More information about all products

Use most IB order types, and experiment with almost every aspect of the platform.

More information about Order Types and Algos

Note that TWS provides full access while other platforms may support limited product and order types.

Commissions, Margin and Trade Execution

IB standard commissions and margin rules apply (charged in paper trading equity). Trades entered into the paper trading account will not actually execute on any exchange or settle at a clearing house, but the executions price will be determined by real market prices and sizes.

Market Data

The Student Trading Lab includes the following real-time market data subscriptions:

  • US Securities and Futures Value Bundle
  • Moody's US Bond Ratings (Corporates and Municipals)
  • IB FX

The following rules apply to market data:
  • If the user does not log in for 30 days, real-time market data is terminated.
  • If the user does not log in for six months, the user's account is closed.
  • User account setup could take up to a week to set up due to market data subscriptions. If you do not get a waiver, it will take a week to set up market data subscriptions.

Account Management

Manage your account and your students' accounts in Account Management, which is accessible from the LOG IN menu on our website using your IB username and password.

The following functions are available:
  • Account cash equity reset. All cash resets will appear on the user's statement. Only the professor can reset the cash equity in a student's account.
  • Password change. Encourage students to record their username and password as this cannot be reset or retrieved by IB. You can change it in Account Management.


Our reporting features let you easily monitor your students' trading activity:
  • As an educator, you can view statements for your account, your students' accounts, and a consolidated statement including some or all accounts.
  • Generate Activity Statements in HTML,PDF or Excel format. Statements can be daily or cover a custom range of dates.
  • Create Activity Flex Queries to build customized statements with specific fields, customizable field order and time period.
  • Use Trade Confirms Flex Queries to build customized Trade Confirmation reports with specific fields, customizable field order, and time period.

See our Reporting Guide for detailed information about statements and other reporting features.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this program, or any issues with the application or Paper Trading account setup, send us an email.


Please do not contact IBKR Client Services or the Technical Assistance Group as they do not support the Trading Lab.