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Thousands of US mutual funds may be purchased with no transaction fee (free) while others use a simple price structure that includes all regulatory and exchange fees.

Commissions apply to all mutual funds except No Transaction Fee Mutual Funds.

US Residents
Fees Price
No Transaction Fee Funds1 View Funds USD 0.00
IBKR Transaction Fee Lesser of 3% * Trade Value or USD 14.95, per Transaction

Purchase USD 50,000 Value in Fund = USD 14.95


  • Minimum size on initial fund order is USD 3,000, subsequent minimum order size is USD 100.
  • This website may contain information and material relating to investment products that are not authorized by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong for distribution to the public in Hong Kong, including, without limitation, mutual funds and funds not registered in Hong Kong. Interactive Brokers Hong Kong Limited has not made these products available to investors in Hong Kong as such. Due care should be taken by all Hong Kong persons when viewing information on this website regarding these products. If you are in any doubt about the contents of this website, you should obtain independent professional advice.

1. Fund companies may assess early redemption fees, please refer to the fund prospectus for details.


Mutual Funds - US Residents Pricing Structure