Portfolio Builder

Portfolio Builder

Create and invest in custom, research data-driven portfolio strategies.

The Portfolio Builder helps you create and back-test custom, research data-driven portfolio investment strategies using filters and ranking criteria from 11 top buy-side providers, and then invest in your strategies using custom-designed orders created by the system but based on your order type and rounding selections.

Create an Investment Strategy

Create a portfolio strategy that is optimized to achieve the highest return, highest Sharpe ratio or lowest variance:
  • Fine-tune your strategy by defining investment triggers, portfolio composition and long/short leverages.
  • Work in hypothetical mode until your investment strategy's historical performance meets your standards.
  • Define how your new portfolio strategy should invest by choosing stocks according to their ranking by top research providers.
  • Back-test and compare performance against a benchmark using up to three years' of historical data.

Invest in your Portfolio

Once ready, allocate funds from your account and invest:
  • Although still part of the same account, your custom strategies are also tracked as separate entities so that you can monitor their performance and modify their structure as needed.
  • Use the Investment Wizard to specify investment amounts, rounding rules and order types.
  • Quickly and easily review and submit your orders.

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