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Account Management Release Notes 2019

July 2019

Week Ending July 11, 2019


Now support CRM Workflows, which allow Advisors to assign tasks to a specific contact and then monitor the workflow.

Questionnaire and Risk Score History Viewer

Downloadable questionnaire and risk score history report available in Advisor Portal.

May 2019

Week Ending May 17, 2019

Client Data Queries

Now advisor, broker and STL accounts can access a Queries tab from the Dashboard to run reports based on performance, symbol, and volume.

For more information, see the the Advisor Portal Documentation and CRM Client Data Queries Topic.

March 2019

Week Ending March 22, 2019

Source of Wealth

Updated the section from Source of Income to Source of Wealth.

Securities Class Action Recovery Service

Updated Securities Claim Recovery Service to Securities Class Action Recovery Service.

Full Service Broker

Now support full service brokers in Responsive Account Management.

Client Broker Approval Settings

Now brokers can enable or disable client approval configuration.

Client Broker Approval Dashboard

Now support brokers approving or decling applications in Responsive Account Management.

Trading Permissions

Updated Trading Permissions to now include Trading Experience and Permissions.

Week Ending March 1, 2019

Advisor Qualifications and Advisor Client Questionnaire

Advisor Masters can affirm their standing as a professional registered advisor or a friends and family advisor. In addition, Advisors can now design a client risk profile tool in the Advisor Portal and send the questionnaire to clients via the support center.

For more information, see the the Advisor Portal Documentation and Configuration Account Settings Topic

February 2019

Week Ending February 8, 2019

Announcing the Advisor Portal Launch

All Advisor Masters will now be log in to an integrated Client Relationship Management Platoform experience to manage the Full Client Lifecycle.

For more information, see the the Advisor Portal Documentation and Advisors Getting Started Guide.

January 2019

Week Ending January 18, 2019

Transfer & Pay section of Account Management Redesigned

The user interface has been visually updated to be more user friendly.

For more information about transferring funds in account management, refer to the Users' Guide.

Dashboard for Advisors Update in Responsive Account Management

Advisor Masters can now use emails in their Client Relationship Management (CRM) dashboard. The emails are kept secure and hosted by a third party, RackSpace.

For more information, refer to the Users' Guide.

London Stock Exchange (LSE) ETFs Added to Commission Markup

Brokers can now configure LSEETF markup in account management.

Week Ending January 4, 2019

ILS Stocks Available for Broker Markup

Following the launch of the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, TASE, brokers now have the ability to add markup for ILS stocks.

Baltic Stocks Available for Broker Markup

Brokers now have the ability to support markup for Baltic stocks on the Nasdaq Baltic exchange.