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Traders’ Academy helps traders, investors, educators and students improve their understanding of the products, markets, currencies and tools available via IBKR’s award-winning Trader Workstation (TWS), IBKR Mobile, Client Portal and TWS API applications.

Our complimentary courses use a syllabus to define instructional goals and objectives, are delivered using a blend of lessons, videos and notes, and use quizzes to benchmark progress.

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CME - Trading and Analysis

Instructor: CME Institute

In this section, you’ll explore the differences between fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Then, you’ll learn an important concept that traders need to understand—the difference between trending and anti-trending markets.

6 Lessons | 15 mins | Beginner | 2019/11/19


CME - Intermediate Technical Analysis

Instructor: CME Institute

There are two types of analysis used by traders to inform their trading decisions. Technical analysis and fundamental analysis. In this course, you will learn about the various patterns, indicators, and analysis techniques traders use when studying the price of a commodity. We will start at the beginning by learning how to read price charts. Then we’ll cover some of the more popular techniques such how to identify trend and reversal patterns, finding support and resistance levels, and various oscillators.

8 Lessons | 24 mins | Intermediate | 2019/11/19


CME - Building a Trade Plan

Instructor: CME Institute

Traders who win consistently treat trading as a business. While there is no guarantee that you will make money, developing a trading plan is crucial if you want to become consistently successful and thrive in the trading game. Every trader—no matter your experience—needs a plan.

7 Lessons | 12 mins | Beginner | 2019/11/13


CME - Futures Fundamental Analysis

Instructor: CME Institute

Fundamental analysis is the process of determining the model price of a futures contract, now and in the future, using factors like micro economic data, macro-economic data, and industry financial conditions.

9 Lessons | 27 mins | Beginner | 2019/10/29


FTSE - Introduction to Indexes

Instructor: Rolf Agather

This course provides an introduction to indexes. You will learn what an index is, how it is used, and how index constituents are selected. We will discuss what it means for an index to be float-adjusted, as well as how index values are calculated, and how those values are used to calculate performance.

4 Lessons | 17 mins | Beginner | 2019/09/30


Introduction to Technical Analysis

Instructor: Adam Grimes

A solid overview into modern technical analysis by long-time trader and best-selling author Adam Grimes. This course will give you a solid foundation in chart reading, understanding a trading edge, using indicators, and developing the process and skills to apply these tools in your own trading.

6 Lessons | 1 hr 10 mins | Beginner | 2018/06/07