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TSX and TSX Venture Exchange Fees

Remove Liquidity 1 Add Liquidity 2
Stocks trading < 0.10 CAD CAD 0.000025/share CAD 0.000025/share
Stocks trading < 1.00 CAD CAD 0.000075/share CAD 0.000075/share
Stocks trading >=1.00 CAD - Toronto Interlisted 9 CAD 0.0027/share (CAD 0.0023)/share
Stocks trading >=1.00 CAD CAD 0.0015/share (CAD 0.0011)/share
ETFs, TSX CAD 0.0017/share (CAD 0.0013)/share
Open, Close or Reopen Auctions - Toronto Only CAD 0.003/share 3 CAD 0.003/share 3
Open, Close or Reopen Auctions - Venture Only CAD 0.0012/share 7 CAD 0.0012/share 7
Extended Trading - Toronto Only CAD 0.001/share CAD 0.001/share
Auction Equity Warrants and Rights - Toronto Only 0.0125% of trade value 6 0.0125% of trade value 6
Extended Trading - Venture CAD 0.002/share CAD 0.002/share
NEX Listed 8 CAD 0.0004/share CAD 0.0004/share


  1. Orders that are immediately executed against an existing bid or offer on an exchange's or ECN's order book.
  2. Adding an order to an exchange or ECN's order book before being executed.
  3. Maximum CAD 30.00 per trade.
  4. Minimum Guaranteed Fill (MGF) Cancellation fee of USD 100 per cancellation attributed to participant responsible for causing an MGF trade to be cancelled. IB reserves the right to charge the customer this fee without otherwise designing an automated billing since it rarely should apply to client orders.
  5. Minimum CAD 0.50 per trade, Maximum CAD 50.00 per trade.
  6. Maximum CAD 50.00 per trade.
  7. Maximum CAD 60.00 per trade.
  8. Maximum CAD 50.00 per trade.
  9. A list of stocks eligible for the above listed "interlisted" fees is provided on the Toronto Stock Exchange website http://www.tsx.com/trading/toronto-stock-exchange/fee-schedule