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Soft Dollars Disbursement

Use the Soft Dollars Disbursement page to request disbursements to soft dollars vendors and view existing disbursements and invoices and elect to pay market data subscriptions with accumulated soft dollars. This page is only accessible after soft dollar vendor accounts have been set up here.

The Soft Dollars page only appears AFTER you have signed and submitted the Soft Dollars Agreement on the Request Soft Dollars page.

To request a Soft Dollar disbursement

  1. Click Funding > Soft Dollars Disbursement.
  2. Use the Account Selector to search for client or sub accounts by Account ID, Account Title or Account Alias, then click the account whose soft dollar disbursements you want to view.

The Soft Dollars page opens.

The page shows:

  1. View all soft dollar payments to a specific vendor by clicking the View Breakdown button. A popup window opens to show all payments to that vendor. Click the red X to close the popup window.

  1. View any individual invoice for a specific vendor by clicking the View link in the Invoice Details column.
  2. Request a disbursement to a soft dollar vendor by clicking the Request Disbursement button for a specific vendor.
  3. In the dialog, enter information into all fields. Upload your invoice by clicking the Browse button in the Upload Invoice field, and then selecting the invoice file on your computer. Click Submit.

  1. In the Use Soft Dollars to Pay Market Data section, click the Yes radio to pay your market data fees with accumulated soft dollars.

  1. Click Submit to complete your request.

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