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Market Data

We provide subscriptions to real-time streaming market data directly from exchanges, quote aggregators and index providers. The Market Data Subscriptions page lets you sign up for additional market data subscriptions such as NASDAQ TotalView and NYSE Open Book or unsubscribe from market data. You can also search for any market data subscription using the Market Data Assistant.

Market data subscriptions are terminated if you have not logged into Trader Workstation for 60 days. Click here for detailed market data termination rules.

For important information about market data fees, see the Market Data Fees page on our website.

To use the market data page

  1. Click Manage Account > Trade Configuration >Market Data.
    Your current market data subscriber status (Professional or Non-Professional) is displayed in the page title. Market data subscriptions are organized by region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific).

The Market Data page appears.

  1. To sign up for additional market data subscriptions, click the tab for the region you want, click the check box for each subscription you wish to add, then click Back.
  2. If you have additional linked, duplicate or consolidated accounts, the Billable Account section appears on the page. Use this section to change the account that is billed for market data.

    Select the account you want to be billed for market data, then click Change Billing Account. Beginning with the next billing cycle, your market data subscriptions will be billed to the account you selected.

  3. To unsubscribe from market data, click the check box for the subscription to clear the check mark, then click Back.Read and complete any Subscriber Agreement that appears, then click Back.

The Market Data page opens again, with your new selections updated and any pending subscriptions identified as such. Market Data subscription updates take effect immediately under normal circumstances.

Market Data and Research Subscription Termination Rules

If you do not log into Trader Workstation (IB TWS) for 60 days, your active market data subscriptions will be terminated according to the following rules: