Attached Stop Order Settings

The attached stop fields are related to the parent order.



Field Name



Order Type

The order type for the attached child order.

If you select None no attached order will be created.

Stop Price

The stop trigger price for the attached stop order.

Select Parent order to create a stop price equal to the price of the parent order +/- a defined offset amount or percent.

Stop-limit Price

The limit price at which the attached order will be submitted when triggered.

Only used if the order is a stop limit or trailing stop limit order type.

Trailing Amount

If the order is a trailing order, this value represents the amount by which the order will trail the market price.

The order trails in only one direction.

Attached Stop Order

Adjusted Stop Fields

These fields are used if the Attached Stop Order type above is Adjustable Stop.

Field Name



Adjusted Trigger Price

The trigger price that triggers adjustments to the existing stop order.


Adjusted Stop Price

The adjusted stop trigger price for the order.


Adjusted Stop Limit Price

The adjusted limit price at which the order will be submitted.


Adjusted Trailing Amount

The new trailing amount which defines the amount by which the order will now trail the market price.