Default Display Settings



Display settings change the way values are displayed on the trading window.

Field Name




Multiplies the price by this value.



You can use this to offset a displayed price for instance for a specific futures contract. Say ES bid/ask is 1314.75/1315.00. First, select Futures in the middle pane, then click the Add button at the bottom of the column and enter ES. Enter an offset of 1300. To see how this will display, in the Test box enter 1314.75 and click the Test button. The example displays as 14.75.



Change the default of None to Round, Nearest Valid Price or Truncate. Use the Test entry field to enter a value, can click Test to see the result.



Overrides the default 2 decimal-place price display.


Show using italics

Displays price data italicized.


Show Reciprocal

Re-calculates the quote to 1/quote. This setting allows Asian contracts to be viewed in the familiar local format.

You can apply the reciprocal display to specific contracts using the Add button beneath the left-pane list. Select an instrument type, click Add, and enter a symbol. Highlight that symbol and click Show Reciprocal.


Used to test the display changes you have made. Enter a hypothetical price value, then click the Test button. All of the Display Setting changes are applied and the result shows as the Example.