Miscellaneous Defaults for Presets

Define defaults to be used for all sub-presets (i.e. stocks, options, specific symbols etc) that you don't set.

Field Name



Trigger Method

The trigger method is used to trigger Stop, Stop Limit, Trailing Stop and Trailing Stop Limit orders.

You can Modify the Stop Trigger Method.

Trigger Once Check to keep triggered orders active. If unchecked, triggered orders are deactivated at the end of the day, and will only trigger again if defined trigger criteria are met.  


Identifies the default action to either open or close a position.

For non-cleared customers.

Order Ref.

A user-controlled field to identify orders.

This setting will be overridden by the page level setting.

Clearing Acct

Select the clearing account.

For non-cleared customers.

Order Origin

Defines the origin of your order in relation to the market.


ISE Order Type

The Standard order is completely anonymous. The SOI order broadcasts the symbol to other ISE MPM members and may get execution priority.


Post only

If checked, when there is non-displayed liquidity at the same price point, the order price is adjusted low (for a buy) or higher (for a sell) by one penny to avoid taking that liquidity. If the order comes in at a price higher (for a buy) or lower (for a sell) than an order already sitting on the book, it becomes an IOC (immediate-or-cancel) order at the better price.

For smart-routed US stocks and options.

Prefer SMART

If checked, TWS will SMART route all orders if Smart-routing is available, regardless of the routing selection defined for the ticker.


No default destination

If checked, all orders using this preset will be created with a blank default routing destination.


Consider cost when routing

If checked, Smart routing will consider the total cost of executing the order, including commissions and other fees, when deciding where to route the order. If unchecked, only the exchange price is considered.

For smart-routed European stocks.

Hidden Check to hide the entire order quantity from the market.  
Auto-cancel parent For orders with a parent-child pair, check to have the parent order canceled when the child order is canceled.  

OCA Group Defaults



Use the One-Cancels-All order attribute to work related orders in conjunction with one another.

If one order in group is partially filled, other orders should be...

  1. Reduced in size: Reduces the quantity of other orders in the group by the partially filled quantity of the order. Please note that using this option without overfill protection may likely result in multiple orders being routed to an exchange. This may result in an overfill, or in a rejection in the case of multiple sell orders where one is tagged as "short sale."
  2. Reduced in size with Overfill Protection: Designed to reduce quantity of other orders in the group by the partially-filled quantity of the order, and specifies that only one order at a time will be submitted to an exchange to avoid multiple orders filling (overfill).
  3. Cancelled: All orders in the group will be canceled. When selected, "overfill protection" is automatically enabled to prevent an overfill.