Scale and Adjusted Stop Fields

These fields show only for named presets and apply to the primary order.



Field Name



Initial Component Size

Set a default size for the initial component of a scale order.


Price Increment

The incremental amount by which the price of each successive component will change.


Subsequent Component Size

Set the component size for all remaining order components of the scale order.

Leave blank to use the Initial Component Size for all components.


Define the amount that will be added to/subtracted from the last filled component price for the opposite side profit order.


Restore size after taking profit

Check to have the size of the order restored at a specific price level after the profit order fills.




Field Name



Adjusted order type

When you select an adjusted order type, the stop order you're adjusting will not trigger when the stop price is hit. Instead, it will be changed to this order type, and use the other parameters below.

Select one of the stop order types. When your current stop price is penetrated, it will change to this order type and use the instructions you set in the following fields.


Adjusted stop price

When the trigger price is hit, the adjusted stop price is implemented for the new order.


Adjusted stop limit price

Used for Stop Limit and Trailing Stop Limit orders. This value will be the limit price of the order if it is triggered and submitted.


Adjusted trailing amount

Used for Trailing Stop and Trailing Stop Limit orders. This value will replace the original trailing amount if the adjusted order is triggered.