Target Order (Profit-taker) Settings

The target order fields are linked to the parent or Primary order, and will not be available if you elect a scale primary order with Restore size after taking profit enabled.

Note that you must enter these values as if the parent order were a Buy order. In the case that the parent order is a sell, the values will automatically be flipped.

Field Name



Order Type

The order type for the child profit-taking order.

If you select None no target order will be created.

Limit Price

The limit price for the profit taker.

Select Parent order to create a target price equal to the price of the parent order +/- a defined offset amount or percent.

Apply offset to parent If you elect to apply the offset to the parent order price, check to have the offset applied to the actual fill price of the parent order.  

Offset Amount

If the Relative or RPI (Retail Price Improvement) order type is selected, defines the offset amount.


Initial Component Size

Set a default size for the initial component of a scale order.


Price Increment

The incremental amount by which the price of each successive component will change.


Subsequent Component Size

Set the component size for all remaining order components of the scale order.

Leave blank to use the Initial Component Size for all components.