Using Presets from the Trading Window

To use a Preset order default strategy, simply select it from the Preset field in the ticker line on your trading window. Note the following:

Ticker level - only one preset can be created for a specific symbol, and it can only be used for that symbol. A ticker-level preset is used as the default for the symbol.

Alternatively, you can associate a preset strategy with a Quote Monitor to guarantee that all orders created on a specific page will use a specified preset.

To associate a Preset with a Quote Monitor

Note:  This procedure assumes that you have already created the preset you want to associate. If you have not, please See Create Order Presets for more information.

  1. Right-click the title of a page and select Settings.
  2. In the Order Presets field, select the name of the preset to associate with the page.
  3. Click OK.

To use the Preset field from the Trading Window

  1. Right-click the row of field headings and select Customize Layout.
  2. From the Order Presets category, select Preset and Add to the Shown Columns list.
  3. Click the Preset drop-down from a market data line to see the preset strategies available for the selected ticker.


Note: Existing customers: Each top level instrument strategy uses the original order defaults you defined, unless you elect to copy and paste a new set of values.

The displayed value is the default strategy for that instrument or ticker; select a new strategy from the drop-down list. The list includes all global presets and all instrument-level presets. The Default is the current active strategy defined in Global Configuration. New orders will use the displayed preset strategy. If you change the strategy, the change will not apply to existing orders.



If the page does not have the Preset column displayed, a Strategy icon appears next to any tickers that have a custom strategy applied. If no strategy icon is displayed, the ticker uses the default instrument-type set of order defaults.