Watch a video on how to log in to TWS!

Log In to TWS

Before you can log into TWS, you must download and install the TWS software. Downloads are accessed using the Login button in the top right corner of the web site.

Download Software

From the TWS Software page, choose from any of the software versions in the top row. Simply click a version to go to the Download page. Follow the simple instructions to install.

Note:  Once you install any version, you will have access to all of the other TWS versions when you log in. See instructions below to switch between versions.

To log in to TWS

1.  Double-click the Trader Workstation icon that was placed on your desktop during installation.

2.  Choose between Live and Paper trading by clicking the desired button. If you choose Live Trading the login box is dark blue. If you choose Paper Trading the login box is dark red.

3.  Enter your User name and Password and click Log In.

Change Versions and Other Options

You can switch between stable, Latest and Beta TWS versions of the application without having to download additional software. Use More Options to also change the color theme, select a new application language, specify settings directory, host and port if needed, and more.




Choose from Stable, Latest, or Beta TWS versions. Click Apply & Restart after selecting a new version.

Color Theme

Choose from Classic, Dark, or Light colored theme. You can also change the theme when logged in, from Global Configuration.

Select Language

Choose a language for the application.


Select a region if needed.

Time Zone

Select a time zone if needed.

Settings directory

Change the settings directory if needed.


Set the host if needed.


Define a specific port if needed.

Browser Path

Specify a browser path if needed.

Use/store settings on server

If checked, upon login your settings from your previous session will be restored, and upon log out your settings from this session will be saved. Checking this allows you to log in from any internet-enabled machine and always have the same settings.

Attempt to migrate settings

If checked, upon login the system will attempt to migrate settings saved under a different user name.

No Internet connectivity

Check if you are not connected to the Internet or if you're behind a firewall and don't know the proxy server settings. This could result in better performance as the system will not continually attempt to connect to the Internet.

Connect through private WAN

Check to select a designate server to connect through a private WAN connection.


Offline TWS

To use a version that does not update automatically but requires manual updating for new features, download the Offline TWS installer from the TWS Software page.