Add New Chart to Existing Chart Window

You can elect to include multiple charts within a single window, use auto display features to arrange the charts, and share trendlines among charts with the same underlying.



To add a new chart to an existing chart window

  1. From the File menu, select Add Chart to Window.
  2. If you want the chart to use the same security that the existing chart uses, check Sub-chart uses current security. Checking this feature pre-populates the contract description in the Chart Parameters box. If you're adding a chart for a different security, uncheck this selection.

Note:  If you have charted multiple contracts in the same chart, the Current Security refers to the symbol used to create the original chart.

  1. Define the new chart in the Chart Parameters box and click OK. Both charts appear in the charts frame.

To arrange multiple charts within a window

To share trendlines for the same contract among charts

If you have charts for the same underlying, you can choose to apply a trendline action to all of the charts by activating the Share Trendlines feature.

  1. Click the Configure wrench from the chart window.
  2. In the Settings page, check Share trendline among charts.