Chart Parameters

You can set chart parameters when you open a chart, and modify parameters from within a chart using the Edit menu.



Time Period

Choose a time period and interval along with the denomination of bar or line for the chart.

If you select an Automatic chart, you are selection only the interval and denomination. You will be able to modify the time period using the drag bar within the chart.

Click the Customize Menu link to define custom time periods/intervals.

What to show:

Choose the primary display: Trades, Midpoint, Bid/Ask, Option Volume, Historical Volatility, Option Implied Volatility, Option Open Interest.

Bar Type

Choose the type of bar if applicable, either High Low Bar, Candlestick, Hollow Candles or Heikin-Ashi.

The Hollow Candles display green unfilled candlesticks when that period's close is higher than its open.

The Heikin-Ashi candles use the open-close data fro the prior period with the open/high/low/close data from the current period to create a combo candlestick.

Note that selections will be grayed out when unavailable, based on other time period selections.

Volume Plot Height

This applies to the plot height of additional plots such as Volume.

Adjust for Dividends

When checked, prices are adjusted for dividends on the chart. The day before the dividend date the dividend amount is subtracted from the close price.

This action is completed automatically if you add a second ticker for comparison to the chart.

Show # bars

Enter the number of bars to display on the chart, and check to enforce this attribute. When checked, the number of bars remains consistent regardless of changes to the Time period or other variables.

Manual Vertical Scale

Define a price range to scale the vertical axis for the chart. If checked, click the yellow lock icon that will appear in the chart to re-enable auto-scaling.

Additional Data and Features

Additional data shown in your chart parameters box is dependent on the selections you set as the primary parameters. The table below lists all potential options. Because they are context-sensitive, you won’t see all of them at the same time.

Field & Description

Field & Description

Field & Description

Bid/Ask or Midpoint or Trades
Shows a secondary plot along with your primary plot. Display will change based on your primary plot, i.e. if you show Trades as the primary, your options will include Bid/Ask and Midpoint.

Volume Histogram
Shows the daily trading volumes at each price point in a separate area of the chart.


Daily P&L
Displays daily profit and loss for the contract.

Total call and put value
For option settings such as open interest and volume, check to display the total value for calls and puts.

Option volume
Charts call and put volume in the Option Volume sub-chart.


Historical volatility
Displays actual historical volatility.

Option implied volatility
Charts implied volatility in a Volatility sub-chart.

Option open interest
Chart put and call open interest on the Open Interest sub-chart.

Put-call ratio
Shows the put-call ratio in a sub-chart. Note that you must display Option Volume or Option Open Interest to enable the put-call ratio.

Displays the cursor as a crosshair on the chart.

Hide or display the chart legend.

Prior close
Displays the prior day’s closing price for the contract.

Quote zone
Display market data for the contract directly in the chart.

Quote panel
Display the traditional Quote Panel above the chart.

Hot buttons
Display the Buy, Sell and Alert hot buttons in the chart.

Buttons panel
Display the configurable Buttons panel along the bottom of the chart. The button arms the cursor to complete the selected action.

Displays the Orders, Log, Trades and Portfolio tabs along the top of the chart. These panels will also open automatically when you create an order.

Completed trades

Displays the Show Trades checkboxes along the top of the chart.

Plots trade volume in a sub-chart. Set the Volume Plot Height above if desired.

Logarithmic Scale
Change the increments on the price axis to represent price change by "percentage change"- rather than "dollar-value" change. Using Log Scale, a $5.00 change from 10 to 15 represents a 50% price change, while a $5.00 change from 20 to 25 is a 25% change.

Highlight on Chart

Define the extras you want to have highlighted on your chart.





Splits and dividends

Shows splits and dividends on the underlying.

Order description

Includes order information directly in the chart.

My trades

Highlights the trades you made on the underlying.

Highlight on Y axis

Specify that any of the following items be highlighted along the Y-axis in the chart.






Highlights the bid and ask prices.


Highlights the last traded price.


Highlights the current high and low of the underlying.

Cursor price

Highlights the current price level of your mouse cursor.

Vertical Buffer

A vertical buffer makes the price range on a chart larger than necessary to give extra space at the top and bottom of the actual chart. When you add a vertical buffer, the chart automatically scales to accommodate a wider price range. You can elect to:




Scale to Fit Studies

Y-axis (price) scaling will accommodate any studies to ensure that they are visible in the new scaled layout.

Ignore Studies

Y-axis (price) scaling ignores any studies and applies scaling only based on price.

Display Vertical Scrollbar

Checked by default. Uncheck to removed the vertical scrollbar from the scaled chart.

Chart Time Options

Set time options for this chart.




Keep chart up-to-date

Check to have chart update in real-time.

Show data outside of regular trading hours

If checked, displays charts for exchanges that trade extended hours, like Globex.

Show data in user time zone

If checked, uses the time zone from your computer. Otherwise, uses the time zone from the contract’s listed market.

Set ignored daily time interval

Define a time interval that will be ignored when charting the underlying.

Bypass this dialog when opening a new chart

If checked, these settings are applied to the next chart you open without displaying this dialog box. You can modify settings by selecting Chart Parameters from the Chart menu.