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交易所 - OTC Markets Pink (PINK)

交易所 时间 网站
周一 - 周五: 9:30-16:00

某些产品的交易时间也许比较短。 点击下面产品部分中产品描述链接查看具体产品的交易时间。

交易所定单类型 IB模拟定单类型
限价单 (stk, war)可调整止损单 (stk, war)
 篮子单 (stk, war)
 条件单 (stk, war)
 时间之后有效单 (stk, war)
 取消前有效单 (stk, war)
 日期前有效单 (stk, war)
 时间前有效单 (stk, war)
 隐藏单 (stk, war)
 触及限价定单 (stk)
 触及市价单 (stk)
 市价单 * (stk)
 市价单 至 限价单 (stk)
 一取消全单 (stk, war)
 Pegged To Benchmark (stk)
 分段单 (stk, war)
 止损定单 (stk)
 止损限价单 (stk)
 追踪止损定单 (stk)
 触发价格追踪限价定单 (stk)
 追踪止损限价定单 (stk)
 触及追踪市价定单 (stk)
(war) 权证(债券) 债券(fut) 期货(fop) 期权 on 期货(期权) 期权 (股票) 股票
* IB在某些情况下可能会使用交易所的定单类型提交市价单。


  • Execution speeds may be slow as the 市价单 is dealer driven.
  • Only 市价单 data for symbols with three available quotes will be posted as per SEC rules.

Please 注 that Interactive Brokers does not offer customers the ability 至 do the following types of activity in U.S. Micro-Cap 股票.

  • IB will not allow customers U.S. Micro-Cap 股 transferred 至 IB where the only proof that the 股 can be sold is an opinion letter confirming the 股 are within an exemption from Rule 144 (i.e. "exempt transfers). We will allow transfers of U.S. Micro-Cap 股票 that the 客户 can prove were purchased on the open 市价单 (i.e., on a public 交易所 through another 经纪商) or that are registered with the SEC pursuant 至 an S-1 or similar registration statement.
  • Customers may not trade 股票 categorized as Grey 市价单 or Caveat Emptor.
  • Execution-only customers (其它 than U.S. registered brokers) may not trade any U.S. Micro-Cap 股票.

A U.S. Micro-Cap 股票 is any 股票 (1) listed on 场外交易电子报价板 or PINK or (2) listed on any 纳斯达克(NASDAQ) 和 NYSE MKT-listed 股票 with a 市价单 cap of 300MM 和 交易 价格 under 5. However, Interactive will not classify some of these 股票, including 股票 that previously had a higher 市价单 cap, 至 be Micro-Cap 股票


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AGATF DB Agriculture Double Short Exchange Traded Notes AGATF USD