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November 2017 - Motley Fool - Wall Street's Hottest Loan Product: Borrow Against Your Stocks

Companies are offering clients the ability to borrow against their portfolios as an alternative to selling their investments to pay for expenses. Author Jordan Wathen notes that Interactive Brokers enables clients to borrow against their securities at low interest rates.

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November 2017 - CNBC - Keep bitcoin away from the real economy, says billionaire 'father of high speed trading'

Interactive Brokers CEO Thomas Peterffy appeared on CNBC’s "Fast Money" to discuss his concerns about bitcoin futures. While he says cryptocurrencies are a great idea, Peterffy believes bitcoin futures should not be cleared in the same trading house as other products.

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November 2017 - Barron's - Why Interactive Brokers Founder Fears Bitcoin Futures

Columnist Steve Sears writes that Thomas Peterffy, Interactive Brokers founder and one of the world's most successful derivatives traders, believes Bitcoin derivatives will create extraordinary market volatility. Peterffy expresses concern that small trading firms that offer low margin rates to generate business may fail if volatility surges and stock prices plummet.

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October 2017 - FinanceFeeds - Borrow Money from Interactive Brokers at Tiny Interest Whilst You Trade for Profit: Exclusive Interview from Greenwich on the Company's New Solution.

FinanceFeeds CEO Andrew Saks-McLeod explains how Interactive Brokers' new product lets clients "put stock market collateral to work, as it offers industry-low margin loan rates." The article explains how clients can borrow money from Interactive Brokers at 1.41% to 2.66%.

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October 2017 - Barron's - Thomas Peterffy's Next Move. The Founder of Interactive Brokers may now be Preparing a Challenge to the Nation's Biggest Banks.

Columnist Steven Sears writes about Interactive Brokers Group's strategy and the strength of the company's stock. Sears says investors may still be undervaluing IBKR stock, despite a 35% stock price increase this year and a strong Q3 earnings report. Following the sale of IB's market-making unit, the company is now "a muscular, electronic brokerage firm," Sears writes. He notes Peterffy is preparing to take on big banks "in the same way he used technology and low fees to disrupt the businesses of traditional brokerage firms" and Sears expects investors will find the company has "a lot of blue sky in front of it."

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August 2017 – - Maximizing Your Fund Provider Relationships

Amanda McLean of Interactive Brokers provides insight for hedge funds on selecting the right service providers. Picking a prime brokerage firm can often help maximize a hedge fund's long-term success, she says.

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August 2017 - Barrron's - Interactive Brokers Challenges Big Banks

"Interactive Brokers, which rose to prominence by offering individual investors market access and trading tools traditionally available only to institutional investors, is preparing to challenge commercial banks", writes Senior Editor Steven Sears.

He adds that IB, "which used technology and low fees to disrupt and dominate the online brokerage industry, plans to employ a similar approach to help people better manage their finances." The firm's latest offering lets clients use their brokerage accounts for more than just investing. Clients can earn money by lending out shares and borrow against securities in their accounts at rates of 2.66% or less.

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August 2017 - Compare Brokerages Review of Interactive Brokers

Compare Brokerages ( reviewed Interactive Brokers in its "Insider View". The review details how Indian investors can work with Interactive Brokers and describes the products and services IB offers, including online trade and execution and clearing services for a wide variety of products, including stocks, options, futures, bonds, and funds.

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June 2017 - Barron's - Digital Investor Column: Interactive Brokers Makes 222 Chinese Stocks Available

Interactive Brokers provides access to 222 Chinese stocks available through the Hong Kong Stock Connect program, which allows international investors to trade shares listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges. Because Interactive Brokers is a member of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, IB can provide clients with direct access to these stocks. These 222 stocks are set to join MSCI's Emerging Markets index in 2018.

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June 2017 - FinanceFeeds - Interactive Brokers Simplifies Access to Various Trading Tools in TWS Platform

FinanceFeeds features several new trading tool shortcuts, which Interactive Brokers has added to its Traders Workstation Mosaic order entry panel. Maria Nikolova explains that Interactive Brokers simplified the Adaptive IB Algo, so that traders could quickly make use of the fastest fill at the best all-in price. She also writes about IB’s artificial intelligence enhancements.

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June 2017 - The Hungarian Government Website - Prime Minister Viktor Orbán presents Grand Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit to Thomas Peterffy

Interactive Brokers CEO and founder Thomas Peterffy received the Grand Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit for his value-oriented participation in public life and his exemplary career, which have furthered Hungary's reputation.

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May 2017 - AdvisorHub - How the Right Custodian Can Help Advisors Avoid Headaches and Grow Their Business

AdvisorHub features the products and services Interactive Brokers offers to help advisors run their businesses. The article focuses on IB’s robust trading capabilities as well as the strong administrative, marketing and compliance support IB offers. For example, IB provides free technology to make billing and invoicing easier and has a no-cost Investors’ Marketplace, where advisors can advertise. Through Greenwich Advisor Compliance Services, IB also offers compliance support for advisors from the start-up to seasoned stage.

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May 2017 - The Wall Street Journal – The Investor Anxiety that the Market's 'Fear Gauge' Is Missing

WSJ reporter Gunjan Banerji writes that investors are using alternative ways to manage risk in their portfolios. She spoke with Thomas Peterffy, CEO of Interactive Brokers, considered a pioneer of options trading. Peterffy noted that income-generating strategies, which includecovered calls, have become so popular in recent years that they're keeping a lid on volatility.

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April 2017 - CNBC – What the Retail Investor is Saying

CNBC's Melissa Lee sat down with Interactive Brokers CEO Thomas Peterffy to discuss investor sentiment and Interactive Brokers' growth.

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April 2017 – FinanceFeeds – Interactive Brokers Makes New API Available for Python Programmers

FinanceFeeds covers new Trader Workstation (TWS) API enhancement targeted at professional developers. The TWS API lets Interactive Brokers clients automate trading strategies, request market data and monitor account balances.

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March 2017 - Wealth Management - Interactive Brokers Beefs Up RIA Offerings

Interactive Brokers is focusing on its electronic brokerage and fast growing advisor custody business. In the past year, the number of advisors on the platform has increased to 3,600 and advisor assets on the platform have grown 32%. managing editor Diana Britton writes about offerings IB has recently added to attract advisors. For example, the firm launched Greenwich Compliance to provide start-up and ongoing compliance support for RIAs and created the Investors’ Marketplace, where advisors can advertise their services for free.

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March 2017 – Barron's 2017 Best Online Brokers Ranking

Interactive Brokers earned Barron's top rating of 4.5 stars for the seventh year in a row in Barron's 22nd annual ranking of Best Online Brokers. In this year's survey, IB was named Best for Frequent Traders, Best for Options Traders and Least Expensive for Occasional Traders. Interactive Brokers has been rated a low cost broker by Barron's for 16 consecutive years.

Barron's columnist and author of the Best Online Brokers annual ranking Theresa W. Carey noted that, Interactive Brokers has expanded its products and tools to serve a broader audience. She cited the IBot artificial-intelligence assistant which responds to plain English questions about price quotes, market activity, trades and more. Carey also discussed Covestor Smart Beta portfolios, a low-fee product line introduced by IB’s robo-advisory unit.

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March 2017 – Financial Advisor magazine - Interactive Brokers Quietly Builds Major Custody Biz

Financial Advisor editor Dan Jamieson explains how Interactive Brokers has expanded the products and services it offers Registered Investment Advisors. The article discusses IB's significant RIA custody business, Greenwich Advisor Compliance Services, and the Covestor robo platform. Jamieson covers a number of benefits that IB offers, including low transaction fees and "smart" order-routing for best execution.

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February 2017 – Barron’s – Interactive Brokers Adds Voice-Activated Artificial Intelligence to Its Platform with IBot

Barron's columnist Theresa Carey tells readers how Interactive Brokers is helping its customers navigate their accounts using IBot. The new tool can respond to plain English questions with written responses. IB's Chairman Thomas Peterffy says eventually customers will be able to talk to IBot the same way they’d speak to a wealth advisor.

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February 2017 – Investor's Business Daily - Millennial Investors Seek Sophistication from Online Brokers

Millennials cited Interactive Brokers as one of the top brokers in IBD's fifth annual Best Online Broker survey. Aparna Narayanan explains to readers why a 20-something Citigroup VP selects Interactive Brokers for high-tech tools and cost-efficient trades.

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