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IB TWS for iPhone - Release Notes 2013 Archive

Version 6.7.380 - October 1, 2013

Trade on the NSE

Support for trading on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) - Customers who have opened their accounts through IB India Pvt Ltd. can now trade stocks, options, futures and currency futures and options on the NSE using mobileTWS. Note that only India residents can trade stocks, currency futures and currency options. Both India residents and non-residents Indians (NRIs) can trade options and futures. Please note that you must check the "SSL" checkbox on the login screen to trade on the NSE.

Version 6.6.366 - June 21, 2013

Contract News and Chart Indicators

Additional support for news now includes "Contract News." Up to five news headlines related to the active contract are now displayed on the Contract Details page below your order information. To get the next available headlines, pull down to refresh/reload. Additionally, you can now add indicators to your chart, including Bollinger Bands, EMA, SMA and WMA. We will continue to add more indicators in subsequent releases. To add a chart study, open chart configuration using the wrench icon, and click the Chart line to choose and configure a chart study.

Version 6.3.331 - March 5, 2013

Attached Orders

Attached orders including bracket, stop loss and profit takers orders are now supported on mobileTWS for iPhone. To use attached orders, from the order ticket use the "Attach Order" selector and choose the order type.

Version 3.2 - Build 322, February 21, 2013

Mobile Trading Assistant

The Mobile Trading Assistant comprises a group of notifications that are controlled separately and that proactively notify you when user-specified market, account, positions and order execution thresholds are crossed. Notifications occur in real time, and can be sent via email or text. Notifications include:

  • Market notifications - Sends a notification if the daily change percent exceeds the bounds you define for a specific instrument. Threshold boundaries can be set between -5% and 5%. i.e. “SPX up 2.5% (1,470.50)”
  • Account notifications - Receive an alert when the margin cushion or Daily P&L exceeds the user-specified boundary. i.e. “Margin Cushion Below 5%”
  • Position notifications - Sends an alert if the percent change of any of your positions exceeds the user-specified boundaries. i.e. “AAPL: Long 200 position up 3% (650.37)”
  • Trade notifications - Sends an alert when an order fills, i.e. “SOLD 500 AAPL @ 650.37”

To activate the Mobile Trading Assistant notifications, from the Main Menu select Mobile Trading Assistant, and use the sliders on each category to enable or disable the notification. Specify the boundary limits as needed.

Version 3.1 - Build 305, January 17, 2013

Watchlist Cloud Sharing

You no longer need to worry about adding tickers to mobileTWS so that you can trade the same contracts in all mobileTWS and desktop TWS versions. mobileTWS for iPhone now allows you to import Watchlist tickers that you added to TWS or mobileTWS on another device to your mobile Watchlist. Once you have enabled the latest versions of TWS and mobileTWS, you can import Watchlists to mobileTWS using the "Import" feature in Configuration. Select one or multiple Watchlists to import. To import changes to an existing Watchlist, elect to overwrite the full page, or just append new tickers to the existing Watchlist.