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ETFguide on Interactive Brokers

To subscribe to ETFguide, log in to Account Management, then select Manage Account > Trade Configuration > Research.

ETFguide's Product Offering includes the following:
  • First Look ETF
    • First Look ETF features and examines newly launched U.S. listed ETF products.
  • ETFguide PREMIUM
    • ETFguide PREMIUM along with the Technical Forecast and Weekly pick screens funds from a universe of 2,000+ U.S.-listed ETFs with over $3 trillion in assets. Subscribers receive trade alerts via text, Twitter @etfguidepremium, or email.
  • Technical Forecast & Weekly Pick
ETFguide's research includes the following tools:
  • Market Meter
  • Index Strategy Map
  • Vital Signs of Key ETF Categories
  • Mega Investment Theme Report
  • Global Equity Map
  • ETF Performance & Yield Corner
ETFguide's Approach:

Our innovative approach to ETF investing examines the immediate profit potential both long and short among thousands of funds. Not only do we make buy/sell picks accordingly, but our methodology includes a strict sell discipline with pre-determined stop orders designed to limit downside while letting our winners grow.

Our ETF Technical Forecast provides complete analysis and charting of key ETFs across all asset classes. Our actionable ETF picks are not generated by faceless algorithms, but rather, through our proven proprietary method of combining technical, fundamental, and sentiment analysis to find potential high profit opportunities.

Our investing philosophy can be summarized in the following manner:

  • Provide actionable ETF trades
  • Focus on market trends in stocks, bonds, real estate, and currency-linked ETFs
  • Help investors to incorporate an adequate margin of safety within their portfolio
  • Examine key support and resistance levels + pivots for clues about market conditions
  • Showcase strategies designed to grow and protect capital during any market environment

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