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Account Management for Referrers

Log In

  1. Select ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT from the LOG IN menu on our website.
  2. Enter your username and password, and then click Login.
    Account Management opens to the Dashboard.

How to Refer a Client

There are two ways to refer a client:
  • Click Manage Clients > Refer Clients to send an application invitation email to a referral client.
  • Use a unique hyperlink to our referral client application for all referrals. To do this, send yourself an application invitation email, and then send the link that you receive to applicants or add the link to your website.

Account Management Functions

As a Referrer, you have access to the following functions:

Reports Menu

  • Reports > Activity > Statements
    Transaction-based Referrers can run a Default Statement. View the commissions paid for each referred client in the Client Fees section.

Funding Menu

  • Funding > Transaction History
    View information about your previous funding transactions (for example, withdrawals).
  • Funding > Fund Transfers
    Withdraw funds from your account, notify us of a deposit into your account, or transfer funds to another IB account.
  • Funding > Instructions
    View and delete saved bank information used for deposits and withdrawals.

Manage Account Menu

  • Manage Account > Account Information > Details > Account Details
    View and print a summary of your account settings.
  • Manage Account > Account Information > Details > Profile
    Change personal information such as name and address for the individual or entity associated with your account.
  • Manage Account > Account Information > Details > Regulatory Information
    Update the regulatory information for your account.
  • Manage Account > Settings > Close Account
    Close your Referrer account.
  • Manage Account > Security > Change Password
    Change your account password.
  • Manage Account > Security > Change Email Address
    Change the email address associated with your account.
  • Manage Account > Security > Secure Login System > Security Device
    Enroll in IB's Secure Login Program for additional protection for your account through the use of a physical security device, and activate your security device.
  • Manage Account > Access Rights
    Transaction-based Referrers can add one or more users at the master account level to perform Account Management functions such as sending out client account invitations. Create user roles as templates for new users. This function is not available to Flat Fee-based Referrers.

Manage Clients Menu

  • Manage Clients > Dashboard
    View a list of all of the clients who you have referred to IB. This page appears when you first log in to Account Management.
  • Manage Clients > Refer Clients
    Refer a client to IB by sending an application invitation.

Support Menu

  • Support > Message Center
    Access the Customer Service Message Center, which lets you submit questions directly to Customer Service using inquiry tickets and track the status of your Customer Service inquiries.
  • Support > Live Chat
    Communicate directly with a Customer Service representative in real time.
  • Support > Knowledge Base
    Access the Knowledge Base, a repository of how-to articles, troubleshooting tips and guidelines designed to assist customers with the management of their accounts.


Log out of Account Management.