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ACCESSWIRE on Interactive Brokers

ACCESSWIRE is available in TWS for desktop and mobile, and does not require a subscription.

ACCESSWIRE is a flat-fee, news and communications network, providing regional, national and global news to hundreds of clients globally. ACCESSWIRE disseminates full-text press releases for both private and publicly held companies globally to news media, financial markets, investors, information web sites, databases, bloggers and social networks.

ACCESSWIRE’s press release platform is a cost-effective Fair Disclosure, Regulation FD news dissemination and media outreach service.

ACCESSWIRE’s platform makes it easy to publish rich media assets such as video, audio and images, and gives users the power to build their own distribution to the outlets needed most. An earnings announcement, product launch, community message, M&A transaction or corporate update can be distributed to ACCESSWIRE's worldwide news network. Corporate issuers and their constituents utilize the cloud-based platforms and related services from document creation all the way to dissemination to regulatory bodies, platforms and shareholders.

Real-Time News Content Feeds: Multiple delivery options let users add real time news and multimedia content targeted to their audiences, filtering by industry, topics and language specific.

Financial & Regulatory compliance full suite of services include: Transfer agent

  • • Proxy services
  • • Shareholder analysis & outreach
  • • Earnings call & webcast platforms
  • • Investor relations websites
  • • Investor hotlines
  • • SEDAR, EDGAR, XBRL regulatory filings

ACCESSWIRE has a full Editorial team on staff 24/7 365 days a year available by both phone and email to process news releases and ensure complete capability to meet all deadlines and off-hour requirements.

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