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Passiv on Interactive Brokers

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Passiv is an automated portfolio management tool that makes it easier for investors following a balanced fund investment strategy to manage their portfolios. It helps users to be their own wealth manager, making it easier for them to allocate cash and maintain a target allocation. Simply set your target allocation and follow the calculated trades. You’ll also get notifications whenever cash hits your account or your portfolio drifts. Passiv is free to use but Elite users get access to advanced features like: One-click trades - Allocate cash or rebalance your portfolio in one-click, saving you the hassle of having to login to your broker to place the trades. Multi-account portfolios - Combine multiple accounts into one holistic portfolio to keep everything balanced. Advanced currency handling - Keep your different currencies separate by preventing foreign exchange transactions in your account. Dollar cost averaging - Allocate new cash contributions gradually over time to reduce the risk from market volatility. And much more!

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