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Trader Workstation's real-time charts put powerful and flexible technical analytics at your fingertips.

Chart Trader stock charts

TWS real-time charts offer traders these benefits:

Flexible and Scalable

  • Open a single chart or multiple charts in a single window.
  • Chart a single asset or compare multiple assets in a single window.
  • Use the Chart Dashboard to quickly change the underlying, chart display type and time period.
  • View data for periods of one minute to five years or longer.
  • Rescale price and time ranges using the vertical and horizontal scrollbars.
  • Display pertinent market data directly on the chart in the customizable Quote Zone.
  • Add Index Comparisons as benchmarks.

Integrated Trading

  • Instantly transmit orders from the chart using Hot Buttons.
  • Set alerts based on time, price, margin, and other criteria directly on the chart.
  • Manage, modify and transmit orders from the ChartTrader order management panel.

Powerful Customization

  • Define a complete set of chart parameters from a single window.
  • Quickly and easily add trend lines and annotations to your charts.
  • Create templates from your favorite charts and apply them to other underlyings.
  • Access the features you use most from the editable toolbar and consolidated menus.
  • View your current position on the chart using the graphical position indicator.
  • Display volume at specific price levels in the Volume Histogram.

Technical Indicators and Chart Studies

  • Choose from over 120 technical indicators and overlays to add to your charts, from ADX/DMI to the Zigzag.