Tax Reporting

Tax Management Tools and Tax Reporting

Interactive Brokers provides a variety of useful tools and information for your tax reporting needs.

The IBKR Advantage

  • Use Tax Optimizer to manage your stock, option, bond and warrant gains and losses for tax purposes.
  • Our Forex Income Worksheet lets you view income and loss from your completed currency transactions.
  • Easy access to tax forms
  • Free tax education resources, including Webinars and Traders’ Academy courses
  • Charitable giving directly from your IBKR account
  • Important Tax Reporting Information

Access to Important Tax Information and Reporting

Our Tax Reporting web pages include a wealth of important tax-related information, including:

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Tax Optimizer

Manage your stock, option, bond and warrant gains and losses for tax purposes with Tax Optimizer:

  • Select one of several tax lot-matching methods to change the default tax lot-matching method for your account, for the current day or for a specific symbol.
  • Change the lot-matching method on the fly to immediately see the effect on your gains and losses.
  • Manually match specific sales to open tax lots.
  • Access Tax Optimizer from Trader Workstation (TWS), IBKR Mobile and Client Portal.

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Foreign Exchange Income Worksheet

Review your foreign exchange income and loss on our Forex Income Worksheet:

  • View income and loss information from your completed currency transactions for the year
  • Includes foreign exchange spot trades in securities denominated in a nonfunctional currency
  • Includes detailed info about the acquisition and disposition of each nonfunctional currency transaction closed in the preceding year

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Easy access to Tax Forms

Log in to Portal to access important annual tax forms:

  • PDF, HTML and MS Excel formats available
  • View and download tax forms, including Form 1099, Gain/Loss for 1256 contracts and more from a reporting dashboard
  • Current year and five previous years of info available
  • Clients with multiple account structures can access tax forms for closed accounts

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Free Educational Resources

IBKR Campus provides several free resources to help you understand and prepare your tax reporting.

  • Participate in upcoming tax webinars or view our library of more than a dozen tax-related webinars.
  • Traders’ Academy offers free courses on taxes concerning dividends, capital gains and losses, net investment income tax, tax treatment of retirement accounts, as well as tax-related topics for those who reside outside of the US.

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Charitable Giving

Clients of IBLLC can donate directly to qualified charities directly from their brokerage and retirement accounts.

  • For brokerage accounts, clients can transfer securities from their account to a qualified 501(c)(3) charity so long as the security is a stock, warrant or bond. The security must be eligible for transfer via DTC and the receiving charity must be able to accept DTC transfers.
  • For IRA accounts, distributions can be made directly to a qualified charity and the max donation is limited to the lesser of your required minimum distribution or USD 100,000.
  • IBKR GIVE lets US clients align their IMPACT values with non-profit organizations and make cash donations directly from the app. Using a comprehensive directory of US charities and non-profit organizations from GuideStar by Candid, GIVE lets clients easily donate to a charity matching their values or search for a non-profit of their choice.