London Stock Exchange (LSE and LSEIOB1) Fees

交易所费用-货币: EUR, GBP, USD 2

产品组 费用 Minimum
交易所指数基金 0.45 bps 的交易价值 1 GBP 0.10 每个定单
所有其它的 0.45 bps 的交易价值 1 GBP 0.11 每个定单


产品组 费用
全部 GBP 0.06


  1. 隐藏单 和 non-displayed portion of 冰山/保留定单 orders will be assessed a 0.25 bps 附加费 on top of the standard 交易所费用.
  2. 注: External fees are charged in the settlement 货币 of the 产品. Where the 费用 is defined in a 货币 其它 than the settlement 货币, the stated 费用 will be converted 至 the settlement 货币. This will result in a slight variation of external costs per 天 as the 货币 rate fluctuates.