Euronext Bonds External Fees

Exchange Fee

交易值 费用 Minimum
全部 债券 1 0.0425% * 交易值 EUR 2.00 每个定单

Clearing Fee

产品组 费用
全部 EUR 0.10 每笔交易


  • Settlement fees are currently set at 0.00; however this is subject 至 change.
  • Quoting 附加费 determined at end of 天 for customers whose order/trade ratio exceeds 5:1. Only new orders 和 modifications but not order cancels will count in the ratio.
    For example: 4 orders, each modified once, resulting in 1 execution total -> charge of EUR 6 (3*2 EUR).
  1. IB calculates external fees based on 交易值. 交易值 is defined as Nominal*PriceInPercent/100.